Welcome to the Homepage of Kaja Weeks, author of Mouth Quill—Poems with Ancestral Roots!

My collection of twenty-one poems, published in 2020 by The Poetry Box, form a narrative arc drawing from universal themes of ancestors, displacement, migration, longing, and connection. Ancient Estonian runic tunes and myths provide inspiration as do personal, familial and historic events.

Book Cover, Image by Michael Huang
Mouth Quill—Poems with Ancestral Roots

“A touching, gorgeously written collection—such patient, meditative themes, such lushly imagined writing. “The Dolomite Heel Print,” in particular, is a breathtaking exploration of history and life and identity … a stunning piece!” 

 ~ Hala Alyan, author

“Weeks’ consideration of identity through the lens of history is visceral and heartfelt; and the inclusion of Estonian language and culture deft; as is the haunting intertwining of world history and family history …”

~ April Ossman, author

“Rich with birds and melody, these pages sing … Mouth Quill, a dark crystal studded with light, amazes.”

 ~ Deirdre Callanan, author

Enjoy my poetry, essays, and musings on Lyric Overtones!